• Ontological Expressivism, commissioned for The Language of Ontology, ed. by James Miller, Oxford University Press.

I develop a version of ontological expressivism, according to which quantified sentences in some contexts express non-representational mental states that are in important respects desire-like.

  • The Metasemantics of Indefinite Extensibility

Assuming that any domain of quantification can always be expanded, I discuss how the possibility of expanding domains of quantification is reflected in the semantics of quantified sentences. 

  • Carnap's Noncognitivism about Ontology

This paper defends a new interpretation of Carnap's 1956 (1950) distinction between so-called "internal" and "external" questions. 

  • Carnap's Defense of Impredicative Definitions

I explain why Carnap (1937 [1934]) thought that accepting impredicative mathematics amounts to choosing a "form of language" and is free from metaphysical implications. 

  • No "Easy" Answers to Identity Questions (with Katherine Ritchie)

We discuss the metaphysical methodology of "easy ontologists", and argue that even should existence questions be answerable by the means available to them, identity questions are not. 

  • Anti-Realism in Metaphysics, handbook article commissioned for The Routledge Handbook on Relativism (ed. by Martin Kusch).