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I am a PhD candidate in the department of philosophy at NYU. My research focuses on metaphysics, the history of analytic philosophy and philosophy of language. 

In my dissertation, I develop a new interpretation of Carnap's (1950 [1956]) distinction between so-called "internal" and "external" questions, by paying close attention to the work that Carnap wanted this distinction to do in the philosophy of mathematics. I then go on and propose my own account of the meaning of quantified sentences and the nature of ontological disagreements, which I call "ontological expressivism".  

I also currently organize a conference on The Foundations of Conceptual Engineering, which will take place at NYU on Sept 14 and 15, 2018, in collaboration with David Chalmers and members of the research project ConceptLab (Herman Cappelen and Andrew Peet).

Here is my CV. You can reach me at