I recently graduated from NYU's department of philosophy with a PhD. I will join the faculty at Indiana University Bloomington as Assistant Professor in Philosophy this Fall.  

Email: vflocke@iu.edu


My research focuses on the history of analytic philosophy, metaphysics and philosophy of language. My main historical interest concerns Carnap, and especially his views on ontology and the nature of philosophical inquiry. My main interest in metaphysics concerns metaontology. I defend a view called "Ontological Expressivism", which is inspired by my interpretation of Carnap, and according to which ontological existence claims express noncognitive mental states. In future research, I am especially interested in fleshing out certain metasemantic ideas that play a role in my work on ontological expressivism. 

Before coming to NYU, I studied at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, the University of Pittsburgh, Humboldt Universit├Ąt zu Berlin and the Universities of St Andrews and Stirling. I have also been a visiting student at MIT (Spring 2016 and Spring 2017) and a collaborative visiting research fellow at ConceptLab, University of Oslo (Summer 2017 and Summer 2018).